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JEC Composites Show 2010

P 10.05.2010

13-15 of April , in Paris was held the 45th International specialized exhibition of composites “JEC Composites Show 2010”, which was traditionally visited by the Company “UMS Polyester”.

 “The year of 2010 is a beginning of a new epoch- the epoch of composite materials”, these words of general director of the JEC Company Frederique Mutel, fully reflect the atmosphere that has been appeared from the beginning of the exhibition. Composite materials are increasingly used in aviation, shipbuilding, automotive, construction, municipal services, railway transport, furniture, sports equipment, chemical industry and other areas.

Organizers of the exhibition, which was focused in innovation, reported to a two-fold increase in the number of exhibitors and visitors. So more than 1,000 companies from 44 countries were attended the exhibition and more than 27,500 people were visited the exhibition.

As an exhibition in Paris shows, modern market mechanisms lead to compaction of the major players in the segment of composites. In the area of production the raw materials for composites appeared the groups of companies which invest a lot of money in research and development new materials such as thermoplastic resins, carbon fiber and a new generation of composites based on plant materials. In the nearest future we are expecting the development of such kinds of trends in the manufacturing industry.

In the production of raw materials for composite materials have a group of companies that invest heavily in research and development of new materials, such as thermoplastic resins, carbon fiber and a new generation of composites based on plant materials. In the production processes have also been significant changes. Increased use of composite materials in different products and the increase of production require a significant increase in automation of technology process, as was demonstrated by a 20% increasing visitors in automation process sphere.

It also should remarked the popularization of use composite materials based on ecological materials. These materials are widely used not only in their traditional construction industry, but also in car manufacturing (eg, wind-powered electricity), in the manufacturing of sports goods, food and medical industries.

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