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Opening the direction of epoxy distribution

P 04.07.2011

Opening the direction of epoxy distribution

UMS polyester Company announces about the opening of the new direction activity – distribution of epoxy materials. The development of a new direction became possible thanks to the contracting with European suppliers of epoxy materials SIRlINDUSTRIALE SpA and ipox chemicals GmbH which have already work in this sphere more the 40 years. In connection with the expansion of company activity, in Kiev were organized an additional storage space for new products.

The relevance of this activity explained by the fact that epoxy materials are used in almost all industries including construction, electronics and radio equipment, shipbuilding, engineering, rocket, etc. It tells about the popularity of these materials.

Thus, opening of a new direction is a logical development of business of “UMS Polyester” and shows the growth of the company in the field of composite materials.

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